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OpenLP 1.0 public beta

I have released 1.0 beta. We are aware of many issues with this software. Be advised that most of these will be fixed for the second public beta in November 05. Most notably is that the program will not start if you do not have MS Powerpoint installed; this has been fixed for the next version.

Please do send comments on what you think of the software to my email address (tim [AT] openlp [DOT] org)


OpenLP is a FREE fully featured projection solution for churches. It includes the ability to search through lyrics for certain words; search for bible verses in the bible; display lyrics and bible verses in a friendly way to the congregation; interact with Powerpoint to provide users with an easy way to control powerpoint; and more, as described on the features page.


How can this be free? Well, firstly I don't believe it is right for people to charge churches extortionate prices for software. This program is Open Source. This means that anyone can look at how it is programmed, and if they so choose, improve it. People are programming this software in their spare time. This means that although this software is free, it is likely to be updated and upgraded MUCH MORE OFTEN than any other projector software out there. This will lead to more features usable in your church service, and ultimately a smoother, less distracting worship experience for the worshippers.

What do you need?

This software will run fine on any Windows 98 or greater PC with multiple monitors set up (probably fine if you're running a laptop with a projector connected). The CPU speed should be around 500 Mhz, and 64Mb of RAM will run the program nicely. Remember you must have a CCL License to display copyrighted lyrics at a service! Also DirectX 7 or greater is required. You can get that from the Microsoft DirectX page.

What's it like?

To view a demo of OpenLP before you download it, go to the Preview Page

So what are you standing there for? Download it already! You've nothing to lose

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